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A seasonal message from Shawn Edward Hansen:


Ki @ Issue Project Room on Thursday:




Aaron Petrovich and Chris Forsyth will be performing A Kind of Madness, their spoken word + music collab at The Agriculture Reader launch party Friday night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:


Codroipo, Italy, Nov 10:


The Peeesseye's European tour is completed. Thanks to all who came, saw, listened, organized, fed, and played. Especially the amazing Bob Corn.

If you are in the New York City area this weekend, come to this rare show at Abrons Arts Center on the Lower East Side. Certainly the last Peeesseye show in NYC for at least a year (and very likely more than that), with very special guests Loren Connors + Alan Licht and Koen Holtkamp:

Image: Anne Polashenski, Tattoo Head Flimflam (Detail), 2007, 8X8 inches, rubberstamp image, ink, and gouche on paper. (c) 2007 Anne Polashenski

photo courtesy Alex Baggeley:


Peeesseye + Talibam! + Bob Corn

Gary Coleman in Genova:


Bob Corn & Metallica in Roma:

Bob Corn & Peeesseye in Bologna:



Italy - Austria - Germany
October 24-November 11:

poster artwork: paul noble


some documents from the Chris Forsyth/Träd Gräs och Stenar tour:







Very exciting days in the world of Evolving Ear:  Chris Forsyth will be on tour with Träd Gräs och Stenar in Europe for the next couple weeks and two long awaited releases are now available for pre-order at the shop page: Phantom Limb & Bison Phantom Limb & Bison CD (EE20) and The Peeesseye Mayhem in the Mansion, Shivers in the Shack (EE21)

Both will be released October 2, but you can pre-order them now, and we're offering a special discounted deal if you buy both CDs together - 2 for $24 in the US and 2 for $26 for non-US orders (prices include shipping).  Or come to one of the Chris Forsyth/Träd Gräs och Stenar shows in Europe this month (see below) - Chris will have copies with him for sale.  These records are both pretty definitive recordings of each group and feature tasty artwork printed on uncoated Digipaks.  British artist Paul Noble contributed the pencil drawings and text/code on The Peeesseye CD while the Phantom Limb & Bison CD design is a family affair by Jaime and Shawn using some photos taken by Don Hansen in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  These records are the culmination of a lot of work and we've been looking forward to them for a long, long time.  And if this all isnt enough, The Peeesseye will be touring in Italy, Germany, and Austria in October and November.  Details to come soon. In the meantime, tourdates for Chris Forsyth:

Chris Forsyth will embark on a solo tour of Holland, Belgium, and France in September, playing 12-string acoustic guitar and carrying with him the new Evolving Ear releases by The Peeesseye and Phantom Limb & Bison. Many of the shows will be in the fine company of the mighty Träd Gräs och Stenar. Dates as follows:

Mon 9/17 – Tilburg, Holland @ Paradox, w/ Supersilent
Fri 9/21 - Paris, France @ Point Ephemere w/ Psychic Ills, Träd Gräs och Stenar, Ryan Jewell, Aluk Todolo
Sat 9/22 – Hasselt, Belgium (K-RAA-K)3 presents Monde Exterieur Festival @ KC Belgie w/ Psychic TV, Psychic Ills, Träd Gräs och Stenar, Yoke & Yohs, Babils, & MoHa!
Sun 9/23 – Tilburg, Holland @ the Synagogue, ZXZW Festival w/ Jozef Van Wissem & Peter Evans
Tue 9/25 – Den Haag, Holland @ Helbaard w/ Träd Gräs och Stenar
Wed 9/26 – Antwerp, Belgium @ Hof Ter Lo w/ Träd Gräs och Stenar, Temple of Bon Matin, Minn Minn Lights, DJ Evil Moisture
Thu 9/27 – Rotterdam, Holland @ WORM w/ Träd Gräs och Stenar

A new item available in the shop - Manpack Variant/Gerritt split 7". Only 150 made and we've got a few of 'em!
Manpack Variant is the persistently intermittent commingling of electronicists Jaime Fennelly (Peeesseye, peeinmyfacewithsurgery, Phantom Limb & Bison) and Chris Peck, resulting in transcendent sound rituals and unexplainable detritus such as the Flash Vault 7” (split with Gerritt) on Misanthropic Agenda) and Sticky Wickets, appearing soon on Digitalis.
Entranced by latent characteristics of military-industrial sound hardware, MV has laid audiences from Vienna to Vancouver (to waste) with there own special bland of ecstatic nose drool. Ambient ambient ambient!

Jaime Fennelly doing the solo harmonium thing way out west on Waldron Island, Washington State last week:


a nice show coming up:::::


Some historical artifacts unearthed here, some more recent than the other:

Chris Forsyth, flying solo last night at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn:

Matt Heyner & Sean Meehan from the Issue Project Room show:

And, one of these perucsssionists hanging out in Jojouka in 1987 later founded Wi77!N6, The Peeesseye, Lambs Gamble, and a number of other transformative factions. Can you find him?


Phantom Limb & Bison's self-titled CD and the new opus by The Peeesseye, Mayhem in the Mansions, Shivers in the Shack are in production and should be ready for late summer/early autumn release. Fritz Welch is going to be in London this week and you can see him there. So says this poster. That's it for now:


Some new mp3s up in the Audio section, including a little preview of the forthcoming Phantom Limb & Bison CD which has been years in the making and is finally in the hands of the manufacturer (look for it in a month or two), and a taste of W!77iN6's new Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake CD. In the meantime, check out the Phantom Limb & Bison studio track Great Wide which will be the first track on their CD. Also, a couple of choice Dirty Pool moments, a Green Eyed Lady recorded live at the late, lamented Lillie's in Red Hook at about 1:30 in the morning and the other a studio pass at Marquee Moon. Pretty epic. Also, threw another track from Peeesseye's last one up there, Ballad of Fine Decay, featuring some fine harp playing from Clare Cooper.

A bunch of new stuff going on: check the SHOP for the new CD release by Wi77!N6, finally released after a seven year, uh, gestation period. You were waiting for it, werent you?

Wi77!N6/Peeesseye/Pee in My Face With Surgery titan Fritz Welch is further represented in this week's shop update with his new CDr/zine release Upsidedown Crossings on Deep Fried Tapes - it's 24 pages of his drawings with great 25 minute live low budge percussion/electronics/tapes solo.

And if that weren't enough, we have a long overdue addition to the audio/video department - a vid clip of Fritz & Michael Vorfeld doing a vocal/light bulb performance at WestGermany gallery in Berlin this week. More mp3 and video updates on the way.

One for the (near) future: Phantom Limb & Bison's self-titled opus will be coming out in July/August. It's 5 strangely melodic drone studio tracks recorded in Chicago back in 2005 with one extreme jet engine slow walk 30 minute live recording from St. Louis. Total elevation musc. A friend of mine who once died and was resuscitated told me they were playing Phantom Limb & Bison in the convenience store he stopped at for a coffee on the way to the other side. Sounds quite unlike anything else out there. I know we say that about everything, but it's true, who wants a repeater?

Also, two more questions:
Do you live in Europe?
Would you like to see The Peeesseye, Chris Forsyth, or Jaime Fennelly perform in your town?
They'll all be on tour in September and November, so contact us at info (at) evolvingear (dot) com if you can book a show.


The Peeesseye's Fritz Welch in Berlin for some art and mischief this week only:



A very nice item has appeared in the SHOP: the first available recorded evidence of Dirty Pool, Chris Forsyth and Shawn Edward Hansen's deconstructionist guitar/organ cover band. In a world with a enough songs, they've been dissecting a lot of existing ones rather than writing new ones. In this case, they've done the trick on Alex Chilton's Kangaroo, hence the title of said CDR release. Only 10 left out of 25 made by Vatican Analog for a Forsyth solo show in Holland. You do the math on how many people were in the audience that night.

LIVE: With Jaime Fennelly spending the summer as a fire watcher in the Northwest, The Peeesseye plays in duo formation tonight at free103point9's Noise! festival at the Ontological Hysteric Theater in NYC. And later this month, Dutch lutenist Jozef van Wissem will be paying a visit and doing a couple of shows in Brooklyn with Chris Forsyth.

Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake, the new CD release from the visionary and sorely underdocumented late 90's duo WILLING (below), should be out in early June in an edition of 300. WILLING are now defunct as a performing entity, having ceased to exist seven years ago after a few cassette releases and a West Coast tour with Harry Pussy. Members Fritz Welch and Ian Christie have gone on to such illustrious and profitable endeavors as forming Peeesseye and writing Sound of the Beast, that "definitive" history of heavy metal that you got for Christmas a couple of years ago. This new CD, recorded in 2000 and never released, is like a time capsule of detuned, metal-tinged guitar, splattering faux gamelan percussion, and disembodied voices. It's really just about the best record Evolving Ear has ever put out.


The Peeesseye End (07) Tour is now history. We shower gratitude on all who organized, played, came, and listened. Some memories below.....

In other live news, Peeesseye guitarist Chris Forsyth will be in Holland April 19-26 performing Everyone with Miguel Gutierrez & the Powerful People at Springdance in Utrecht and also performing a few solo shows in Amsterdam and Tilburg. Details here.

And from the editorial mishap file:
Eric Weddlle wrote the most clear, generous, thorough, and thoughtful profile to date of Peeesseye for Signal to Noise magazine's Winter 2006 issue. Context and quotes galore. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the magazine's editorial staff went to press with an unedited first draft instead of the finished product and has refused to publish or post any corrections or acknowledgments of said gaffe. In an attempt to set the record straight and share Eric's actual words, we've posted a pdf of the actual article as it was intended to appear by it's author. Click the pic to read it:


Peeesseye End (07) Tour Photo Diary:
@ Strange Maine, Portland, ME

id m theft able & Crank Sturgeon, Portland

Shawn Edward Hansen, Boston

March blizzard, SUNY Purchase

Great Lakes driftwood collectors

Lost civilizations

@ Warehouse Next Door, DC


The Peeesseye heads out on the End (07) Tour tonight.. See dates below. And go see the shows!

Available on said tour and today in the SHOP is the first documentation of Chris Forsyth and Nate Wooley's collaboration. The Duchess of Oysterville CD is out now on the Creative Sources label from Portugal. It's a fine bleak beauty, recorded nearly two years ago and happliy seeing the light of day now. The piece's 25 minutes pass by like an afternoon nap on a high mountain top or an abandoned lot, depending on your experience or inclination - take your pick. Either way, there's plenty of dust devils bouncing by, loose strings clanging, and an awful lot of something or other blowing in the wind. The artists claim to be making this music with guitar and trumpet, and I can vouch for that, since it says Chris Forsyth on my birth certificate. But in retrospect, this record sounds more like looking through a double exposure straight at the sun. Did we mention the beautiful and rather subtley disturbing cover art by Maria Dumlao? Bliss out, lowercase noise hardcore improv sound blues fans!



The Peeesseye heads out for a 10 day tour in the Northeast US on March 14. Very likley to be the last Peeesseye shows for many, many a moon. Maybe forever, who knows. The new CD Mayhem in the Mansion, Shivers in the Shack is in the can, but unreleased as of now. Look for that by the fall. In the meantime, behold the new harmonium / 12-string guitar / organ / electronics / percussion / vocals lineup. Many of our favorite people will be sharing bills with us, including GHQ, Crank Sturgeon, id m theft able, and others. The shows:

Wed 3/14 - Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ GHQ & Slaughterhouse Percussion

Thu 3/15 - live online at free103point9.org

Fri 3/16 - Montague, MA @ the Montague Bookmill w/ PG Six & Fern Night

Sat 3/17 - Boston, MA @ Axiom Gallery

Sun 3/18 - Portland, ME @ Strange Maine w/ Crank Sturgeon, Visitations, & id m theft able

Mon 3/19 - SUNY Purchase @ Whitson's Memorial Greeting Hall

Tue 3/20 - Rochester, NY @ A/V Space

Wed 3/21 - Syracuse, NY @ tHINC

Thu 3/22 - Washington DC @ the Warehouse Next Door w/ Violet & Jacob Kirkegaard

Fri 3/23 - Philadelphia, PA,Bowerbird presents @ Nexus Gallery w/ Antler Piss

Sun 3/25 - live on WMFU, Jersey City, NJ, midnight


From Saturday's NY Times:


Alright, Everyone (w/ live score by Peeesseye's Chris Forsyth) opens tomorrow, Thursday 3/1 in NYC.
Peeesseyee Northeast tour to follow 3/14-3/23.
Very likely the last Peeesseye gig for quite some time, so come and get some!
A profile on Miguel Gutierrez in the new TimeOutNY :


Chris Forsyth and Mary Halvorson in their respective solo postures at Freddy's in Bklyn:

photos: maria dumlao