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Peeesseye's Pestilence & Joy is out!

Pestilence & Joy is a stumbling peach dragging a hopeful fawn through on-rushing traffic at Dockery Plantation. It's a fey vapor trail reworking hardcore shit around a tumbleweed blown into the herd. It was borrowed from a trans-dimensional positronic brain and the cat who walks through walls. It all came down like high fives exchanged on broken proximal phalanxes and mustard colored swamp jams on deep fried tape. Its crushing side was made more clear when trials opened a sinkhole on the celestial body while laughing and zigzagging to the destination.

Three cheers for the end of time!!!:


Another new Peeesseye item up in the shop: Shadow in the Swamp cassette features alternative mixes from the soon to be released Pestilence & Joy LP and some recently unearthed mildew damaged meditations from the 2004 Artificially Retraded Soul Care Operators sessions in Texas!


Peeesseye + Talibam! talk about the new collab CD/2XLP releases and how they survived NYC in this new article and podcast interview in Pitchfork.


Peeesseye + Talibam! 2XLP on Smeraldina-Rima is HERE!:


Okay, we've got more new junk up for grabs and a visit to Belgium from Phantom Limb & Earth's Hynagogia is on the horizon!

The final two installments of Peeesseye's Robust Commerical Scream 6-cassette live series on Digitalis are in. Volume 5 was recorded on 10/26/07 in Wasserburg am Inn in Bavaria. A pretty angsty, road-burned evening, as I recall. I think you'll agree. Volume 6 is a rather epic set from 9/19/08 in Geneva, a downright love fest by Peeesseye standards, letting it all hang out, a total time stretcher. And it comes with a stunning 11'X17" color poster (below) from Fritz Welch, which you can also buy separately from the cassette, if you so desire. Of course, you can buy the whole lot direct from Digitalis in one fell swoop if you're the completist type. The Peeesseye + Talibam! CD on Invada is still here and just starting to gain a little traction from the media types who propagate opnions on the web. Just wait until the 2XLP version is out, which should be within the next few weeks.

For those of you in Belgium, you can check out Evolving Ear favorites Jaime Fennelly and Shawn Edward Hansen performing as Phantom Limb & Earth's Hypnagogia at the Courtisane Festival in Gent on March 17. There's gonna be some Hammond B-3 dueling and visuals to boot!


For quite some time (longer than I like to consider), we here at the offices of Evolving Ear have been warning that the collaborative Peeesseye + Talibam! record would be upon us any day now. By now, you'd be forgiven for thinking we were just blowing smoke. But now, our hints have been proven true, at least in CD format. The Peeesseye + Talibam! CD on Invada is now available in the shop. The 2XLP edition on Smeraldina-Rima is still a month or two away, but in the meantime soothe your aching mind by picking up the CD , sliding it into the disc drive and letting your troubles be temporarily obscured by Jaime Fennelly, Chris Forsyth, Matt Mottel, Kevin Shea, and Fritz Welch.

In other developments, Chris Forsyth's Dreams LP is gone, gone, gone. Email to complain if you still want one. Peeesseye's forthcoming studio opus, Pestilence & Joy, is looking at a June release date on LP, and the final installments of the Robust Commercial Fucking Scream cassette series on Digitalis will be here in a matter of weeks we hope. Thank you for caring.


Happy New Year.

You will find no Top 10 or Top 50 or Year in Whatever lists on this website. As usual, I spent more time listening to Television bootlegs than anything else this year, a fact not likely to change in 2010, so what's the point? The last decade is over and I, for one, am happy about it. Here's to hoping the next one is better.

On that thought, looking ahead to the near and distant future, Chris Forsyth has some live gigs coming up NYC and the Northeast and a stellar lineup has been announced for Luck in the Valley: A Jack Rose Record Release Party & Memorial Concert in Philadelphia on February 13, including a duo performance by Chris Forsyth & Meg Baird of Espers. The Peeesseye + Talibam! collab record is finally going to see the light of day as a CD on Invada (UK) and 2XLP on Smeraldina-Rima (Belgium). Look for both of them to be out by the late winter / early spring followed by a Peeesseye + Talibam! UK tour in October.

In the shop, Chris Forsyth's Dreams LP is very nearly sold out. It will not be repressed in the foreseeable future, so grab yourself one of the last 3 or 4 so copies of the original edition of 100. Only a few more copies of the Dirty Pool LP remain as well....