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JACK ROSE 1971-2009
(photo courtesy Ketih Wood)

Still processing the completely crushing news of the passing of the mighty Jack Rose, a great, great musician and an absolute giant of a person. I was acquainted with Jack over the years through music connections and mutual friends, having met at a party after a show in Philly about 5 years ago. It was during a... well, you could call it a debate about the merits (or lack thereof) of certain musicians in comparison to each other. I cannot remember a lot of the conversation, except for this unforgetable misspoken line of Jack's: "I don't care, man! Nothing matters except Pahey and Fatton!" I would come to know that the expression of deeply convicted opinions was one of Jack's most favorite pasttimes. He was a true scholar. And a gentleman. But I only lived in the same city as he for the last six months. Luckily for me, we got to see each other quite a bit. He and his wife Laurie could not have made me and my wife Maria feel more welcomed to a community, going the extra mile to hang out, sharing whiskey, introducing us to friends, offering advice, recommending places to get housemade sausage or good Pho, watching the World Series together, and on and on. He was one of 6 people (including Maria) who came to see me play a gig on a Monday at a somewhat less than inspiring local venue in Philly. After the set he said, "Awesome show, Chris. I'm sorry you had to play this shithole." Only three nights before that, on November 20, we shared the bill (along with Corridors) at Abrons Art Center in NYC, his final performance. Before the concert, the venue's tech director was trying to nail us to a curfew time for the show, and Jack volunteered that he could play a shorter set, no problem, though I was lobbying for full sets for all three acts . Then, at about 35 minutes into his set, he said "I'm gonna play one more." After that tune, he said "OK, I'm just gonna play one more song." This happened at least three times. He was enjoying playing and he just kept going. I feel fortunate to have witnessed those last songs. I know that Jack could be a gruff dude, but these past six months, he seemed to truly be in what could only be called a period of contentment - he and Laurie had recently bought a house, he was playing good gigs, having success, and had a new record in the can. He seemed happy and it showed. Jack's spirit and his music touched many people. There is now a massive void in Philadelphia (and beyond) and he is deeply, profoundly missed. Our hearts go out to Laurie and his family at this incredibly difficult time. Rest in peace, Jack.
-Chris Forsyth

JACK AT ABRONS ART CENTER, NYC, 11/20/09 (photo: Maria Dumlao)


A couple of nice online reviews have appeared of Chris Forsyth's Dreams LP in Strageglue and Foxy Digitalis. And word is that Fritz Welch's solo set at Musiche Possibli in Ivrea, Italy was a heavy duty pleasure. We hope to have some documentation up here soon....


We regret to say that the Peeesseye Italian tour has been cancelled due to circumtances beyond our control. No one's dying or sick or anything like that, so hopefully Peeesseye can reschedule these dates in the future. Fritz Welch will be doing a solo set at Musiche Possibli Festival in Ivrea, but all other Italian dates are scuttled. On the plus side, there's a new Peeesseye CDR out on Giant Tank called Bloodspots in the Porridge, and it's a live recording from Sills Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland on September 11, 2008. Cover art by Malcy Duff. Rumor is that the Peeesseye + Talibam! CD on Invada is finally nearly upon us. More on that soon....


Chris Forsyth solo UK/EU solo tour is history. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen! Now Part II of the fall touring season begins in Princeton. Jaime Fennelly and Chris Forsyth will be playing 14 shows in 14 days in the Northeast and Midwest US. On board will be the new Dirty Pool LP, by Chris Forsyth & Shawn Edward Hansen, on the Ultramarine label. Guitar and Farfisa slow jams designed to bring a tear to your eye and a flutter to your heart. The four volumes (out of six) that have been released thus far of Peeesseye's Robust Commerical Fucking Scream live cassette anthology on Digitalis (including the newly issued Vol. 4: United Club, Torino, Italy - November 7, 2007) will also be decorating the merch table as well. If you can't get them at the shows, buy 'em in the shop. Lastly check out the new video for "Long Warm Afternoon" from Chris Forsyth's Dreams LP:

See you on the road.....





Tonight starts a very busy autumn for the Family Peeesseye. Fritz Welch is artist-in-residence at Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands as we speak, with a solo show of visual art at Argument gallery in Tilburg opening Saturday.

Chris Forsyth is playing tonight in Philadelphia on a bill with Mountains and Moral Crayfish and then getting ready to hit the road for a three week European tour, including a series of UK dates with Es (Fonal) and Ignatz (KRAAK). The Brothers Peeesseye (Jaime Fennelly & Chris Forsyth) will then be touring the Northeast/Midwest US for two weeks in October (first Peeesseye related tour in a few years in the US!), joined by special guests including Nate Wooley, David Daniell, Shawn Edward Hansen, C. Spencer Yeh, and Uncle Woody Sullender, and finally Peeesseye regroups in Italy, Germany, and Austria in November, including a show at the Ivrea Festival in Italy.

They will be carrying lots of new merch!!
Just in time for the touring, Chris Forsyth's new solo LP Dreams will also be out in an edition of 100 copies with painted sleeves on Evolving Ear and the Chris Forsyth + Shawn Edward Hansen Dirty Pool LP will be out on Ultramarine. The long-awaited Peeesseye + Talibam! collaboration CD will be out on Invada sometime this fall as well. Chris Forsyth + Nate Wooley's The Duchess is Dead, Long Live the Duchess CDR is out on Chocolate Monk, and Volume 4 of Peeesseye's Robust Commerical Fucking Scream 6-cassette live series is also out now. In the coming month or two, expect to see two more new releases from Peeesseye: a live recording titled Blood Spots in the Porridge as a CDR on Giant Tank and Shadow in the Swamp, a collection of studio outtakes and alternate mixes on cassette from Sick Head Tapes.


Some new items available in the shop, oh yeah. The next two installments of Robust Commerical Fucking Scream Digitalis Limited's 6-cassette subscription series of Peeesseye live recordings are out and up in the shop. These are two are both extra special. Volume 2 is a complete recording of Peeesseye's 12/10/05 set at Tonic in NYC with special guests Shawn Edward Hansen and Stephen O'Malley sitting in on Farfisa and Moog respectively. It's a pretty mighty and unhinged set from the tail end of Peeesseye's, um, acoustic period. Volume 3 features a burning Peesseye set from Dylan Nyoukis's Colour Out of Space Festival in September 2008.This one is most definitely not, um, "acoustic."

Also appearing the shop is I/D/V 02 (guitar), a really nice compilation 7 inch of one minute solo guitar pieces on Unframed Recordings out of Brooklyn. Chris Forsyth contributed a piece called A Blank Check for Richy Midnight to that one. They come is really nice letterpress covers and really belong in the collection of anyone who actually care for the idea of the guitar. Also featuring stellar contributions from Koen Holtkamp of Mountains, Annette Krebs, Giuseppe Ielasi, Ian Epps, and Kenta Nagai.

Jaime Fennelly's got a few new items up as well. He and Shawn Hansen of Phantom Limb & Bison have a new CD out, also on Unframed, called In Celebration of Knowing All the Blues of the Evening. They're calling themselves Phantom Limb & Earth's Hypnagogia on this one. It's a beautiful double Farfisa drone fest. And our friends at Chocolate Monk have put out a CDR of Fennelly's Manpack Variant project with Chris Peck. This one's called Put it In, and we imagine you'll want to do just that asap. Then there's his awesome Acid Birds LP on Qbico, but that's already sold out. Sorry!

Looking ahead, Chris Forsyth, Jaime Fennelly and Peeesseye will all be doing a great deal of touring this fall. Forsyth has a solo tour in the UK (w/ Ignatz & Es), as well as some other European shows tba in late September/early October. Fennelly & Forsyth will be conducting a two -week East Coast/Midwest tour in mid to late October, doing duo shows as the Brothers Peeesseye as well as some special collab shows with Nate Wooley and others. This'll be the first Peeesseye-related US tour since 2006. Then, Peeesseye themselves will be hitting Italy, Austria, and Germany in November alongside the mighty Bob Corn. Pass it around....


Been a while since the last update, mainly allowing for Evolving Ear to relocate to Philadelphia. New release on the horizon: Dirty Pool LP by Chris Forsyth and Shawn Edward Hansen, on the Ultramarine label from Italy. This record is some studio material that has been awaiting release since being recorded in 2005. Serious Farfisa/guitar sprawl. Look for more Peeesseye releases as the year progresses, on Digitalis and Giant Tank, and Chris Forsyth + Nate Wooley CDR on Chocolate Monk. Chris Forsyth will be touring the UK with Ignatz and Es in October, followed by some European dates. Then look for Peeesseye in Italy in November.


Gears are turning for a number of projects: the Peeesseye + Talibam! double LP/CD is in production at Invada. We're still waiting for copies of both ROBUST COMMERCIAL FUCKING SCREAM and I WOKE UP AND DRANK A BOTTLE OF CHEAP KOJAK so if you've ordered them, please be patient. They'll be sent as soon as we receive them! Chris Forsyth is recording a new solo project with guests including Jozef Van Wissem, Shawn Edward Hansen, the Brothers Peeesseye, and Nate Wooley. Check the live page for shows in Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore in March, including this Evolving Ear curated event at Abrons Arts Center in Manhattan:


Lots of news from the glittering gulch with a buncha new live releases and individual shows by the brothers Peeesseye. First up, we'd like to make the announcement of the new live series being released by the righteous Digitalis Records entitled, ROBUST COMMERCIAL FUCKING SCREAM. This is a 6 cassette series that will be released over the course of 2009. The first release (Volume 1: L'Embobineuse, Marseille, France - October 10, 2006 ltd#65.a) will be available early March and pre-sales begin now! Digitalis will be selling the full 6 cassette tape subscription, and Evolving Ear'll have the individual tapes available in the webshop. All cassettes are gonna be pro-dubbed, limited to a production of 100 copies and come with artwork by Fritz Welch housed in extra large packaging. Many details to be found at Digitalis. Last week also saw the release of I WOKE UP AND DRANK A BOTTLE OF CHEAP KOJAK CDr on Manchester's own Golden Lab Records. This is a live set that we did back in September 2008 at Town Hall Tavern. They were produced in a mere quantity of 80 copies. Copies are also available in the shop. In March, the drooling behemoth Giant Tank will be releasing BLOOD SPOTS IN THE PORRIDGE. This live CDr was recorded at Stills Gallery also in September 08 and edition will be kept to a tidy 120 copies with silkscreened artwork by Malcy Duff. Also, we still have less than a handful of copies of the Teton Trout 2008 Euro Tour CDr, so here is your last chance to get one. Lastly, there are some seroius gig listings for the next 2 months for Jaime Fennelly, Chris Forsyth, and Fritz Welch on the live page. See them in Vancouver, BC, Brooklyn, NYC, New Hampshire, Glasgow, Philadelphia, Baltimre, and more. Stay tuned this year also for a new Peeesseye studio album which is near completion and a fall 2009 Euro Tour!

photo: Marion Innocenzi


Chris Forsyth solo tour in Europe is a now history. Thanks to all who helped organize and host, and of course those who came and listened! He's also got some live shows coming up in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Philly over the next few weeks. Check them out.
Looking ahead to 2009, Evolving Ear will likely be contiuing our hiatus as a label that releases records and will continue our focus on presenting live show in Brooklyn and New York, as well as serving as the online shop and info forum for all things Peeesseye and our related endeavors. Peeesseye is currently working on a new full length studio project which was begun in Amsterdam in September 2008. That will see the light of day at some point in 2009, probably as an LP. And there is a veritable torrent of live Peeesseye material coming out in the next few months. The fine people at Golden Lab in Manchester, UK will be releasing I WOKE UP AND DRANK A BOTTLE OF CHEAP KOJAK on CDR in a limited run of 80 copies. This is a live recording of Peeesseye's show at Town Hall Tavern in Manchester from September 2008. It'll be out Feb 2 and we're accepting orders now. And we're very excited that Digitalis will be publishing ROBUST COMMERCIAL FUCKING SCREAM a 6 cassette subsrcription over the next 6 months featuring 6 smoking live Peeesseye shows from the last 4 years, including a great show from Tonic in NYC with special guests Shawn E. Hansen and Stephen O'Malley and a bunch of European shows. Evolving Ear will have copies of these items for sale on a limited basis once they are fully released over the next one to six months. Also slated for a 2009 release is PEEESSEYE + TALIBAM!, a 2XLP/CD release on Invada. This is exactly what is sounds like, but you've never heard anything like it: a full on studio collaboration between the two groups that ought to cause a few ripples in the pond when it drops. Okay, it's gonna be a busy year. Keep in touch.....

CF in Casalpusterlengo, Italy / photo: Stefano Campagna